This digital agency required copywriting of various website pages so as to promote its unique dashboard product. Work involved acquiring a full understanding of the technical nature of the product and its benefits, and then writing sales-focused copy.

“Having access to the right data and making sense of it shouldn’t be complicated and will result in better decisions and faster responses, but too much data can actually make things worse.

Unfortunately, with multiple analytics tools come multiple reports, and trying to digest their wealth of information can be overwhelming. No wonder that in our recent survey of 368 organizations, 33% of managers admitted to suffering from information overload that actually made their decision-making less effective and lowered their productivity.

Which is where Geckoboard comes in.

By bringing together the key data your teams need to see and respond to in one beautiful, real-time KPI dashboard, Geckoboard helps solve the problem of information overwhelm.

Now you and your teams can have visual representation of valuable metrics and indicators that were previously unavailable or obscured by complexity.

How Geckoboard Will Work for Your Agency

With Geckoboard you immediately have a much faster appreciation of changes to metrics and an effective means for real-time tracking and monitoring of activity on any of your campaigns. And because Geckoboard can integrate with over 120 services straight out of the box, as well as your proprietary data, you bring immediate context and visibility to the numbers that matter to you.

What’s more, when you share access to the dashboard with your team, for instance by installing a big screen workplace display, you instantly create ‘data conversations’ about the metrics being shown. That leads to better internal account management, with teams able to take ownership of the data they see and stay better focused on achieving specified targets.

This is one of the reasons why 90% or our customers report an improvement in their decision-making when using Geckoboard.

If you also share access to Geckoboard with your clients, you establish

deeper, richer, more collaborative data-driven relationships that not only facilitate short-term working, but lead to longer-term business building.

Download the BNOTION’s case history below to see how one agency has increased its productivity using Geckoboard.”