The client, a property investment firm, required a complete audit of all their marketing material, and subsequent rewriting of content to reflect their new position in the marketplace.

“The London property market remains strong. Just months after the Brexit vote, it had already stabilised and is continuing to show resilience going forward. While upper-end properties may go off the boil, the hard economics of too many buyers chasing too few properties mean demand for affordable mid-range properties will continue.

This presents a significant investment opportunity.

And as specialists in this sector of the London market, ABCD can introduce you to development projects that not only offer a strong percentage return but do so with minimum risk.

We can do this, because unlike traditional developers who focus on taking their profit from a project first … we take just a fixed fee … so you get the profit that would otherwise have gone to them. And, with no third-party stripping out profit, there’s enough ‘fat’ in every scheme for all our investors to receive the return they expect, even if there is a market correction.

Working with us this means that you effectively become the developer … but without having to handle any planning issues, deal with any councils, organise utilities, be involved with any project management, or oversee construction and other works … as we do all that on your behalf.

You don’t need to do a thing.

Our approach is different

Our fee-based approach set us apart from other development companies and means that as an investor, you are able to take a greater share of the profit. So a 10% administration fee is applied to your initial investment, and a further 10% taken from profits made. You can see how this works for one of our projects on page 5.

Of course, the key to property investment success is choosing the right project in the first place. That’s why we test any potential scheme against a very strict set of investment and development criteria. Those that don’t make the cut are rejected.

So, we focus just on London. It’s the market we know and understand best. It also continues to offer the best returns.

We also only consider development opportunities where planning consent has already been granted as these projects can be pushed through to completion much faster without any exposure to speculative risk. We don’t want you to have funds tied up for extended periods while planning permissions are sought.

You are protected at all times.”