Words are just about your most powerful marketing tool. In our online world, they can determine the success of your business. So, if they aren’t working as hard as they could, then neither is your marketing. That will have an impact on your sales. You can’t afford to get them wrong, which is where our editing and proofreading service comes in.

Be copy confident

While words on your website, or in an email, or a brochure shouldn’t reflect on what you do as a business, many will equate badly written words with a badly run business.

So don’t take the chance. Let us check them for you before they go public. Then, not only will you have the reassurance of knowing they have been professionally checked, but also gain a third party perspective from marketing experts.

‘CopyCheck‘ for proofreading

‘CopyCheck’ is our proofreading service, where experienced proofreaders go through your words line by line, searching for errors in spelling and grammar. We will then send you a checked and marked version, so you can see what we’ve changed. Your documents will then be ‘clean’ and ready to go public.

“Super work. We were all very impressed. I hope you’ll be available for more copy as and when we need it?”

Atlas DNA, UK

‘WordCheck‘ for editing

When content needs a little more work, our ‘WordCheck’ editing service will ‘prune and restructure’ your copy so that it’s as powerful and effective as it can be. It’s a great way to ensure you put across knowledge and information in the clearest, most focused way.

A complete copywriting service

CopyCheck‘ and ‘WordCheck‘ are part of our comprehensive copy and content writing service, which includes the writing of websites, blogs and articles, email campaigns and White Papers.

Make sure you are saying the right things in the right way. Call Wordstore on +44 (0) 1432 761480, or email.