Developing a ‘never stop learning’ ethos

Successful school leaders are those who find ways to reach and exceed the continuously rising expectations of teaching and learning improvement.

However, providing students with the very best learning experiences requires an investment in teachers. As school leaders ourselves, we know the challenges this presents. Budgets, inspections, choice of approach and the requirement to measure impact, all constrain and shape what we do.

In such an environment, delivering successful school improvement is far more than a box-ticking exercise. It requires commitment to the implementation of CPD and teaching programmes that have a lasting, measurable effect and which are fiscally sound.

Our four-step approach

Such considerations have led us to develop a streamlined, four-step model that delivers maximum impact with minimum effort and which is now very much part of all our teaching, learning, leadership, management and safeguarding programmes.

Underpinned by the latest educational research and pedagogy from the Education Endowment Foundation, The Sutton Trust, The Teacher Development Trust and others, this model is one that works for any school and its leaders, teachers and students.

Step one. Deep consultation. Only by fully understanding a school can you properly evaluate and determine its unique set of needs. It is our deep consultation process that enables us to deliver solutions that focus consistently and effectively on enabling pupils to achieve their full potential.

Step two. Customisation. Because all schools are different, no ‘one size fits all’ approach is possible or appropriate, which is why each of our programmes can be personalised to fit your school’s exact requirements and objectives. For instance, our student learning programmes are offered either as assemblies or as workshops. We can do this for you no matter where your school is, or whatever its size, improvement objectives, and perhaps more importantly, allocated budget.

Bespoke expert training

Step three. Expert training. Given the uniqueness of your school, our experienced consultants deliver bespoke training programmes that are carefully devised to work within your timetables over an agreed period. They will also provide you with the guidance and tools you need to assess the impact of both our CPD and student programmes over time. Having the ability to see the effectiveness of what we do is one of the reasons why eight out of ten teachers rate our programmes as outstanding and strongly supportive of student learning.

Step four. Continued learning and training. To ensure that learning is fully embedded, we provide follow-up teaching resources that enable on-going exploration of subjects beyond the initial student masterclasses or assemblies. Consequently, all our programmes can be boosted by ‘reflective resource packages’ that offer between eight and ten hours of related teaching slides to enhance the training and learning that’s gone before. While our teacher CPD can also be bolstered by additional training and mentoring.

A never stop learning ethos

When it comes to professional development, we believe schools should take a ‘bottom-up’ approach. Consequently, we see all teachers and schools leaders in this process as stakeholders who should be included in discussions about school improvement. This is just part of a ‘never stop learning’ ethos that should be a fundamental and essential pre-requisite in any attempt to deliver learning and teaching improvement.