It’s been a long time coming but here it is at last … the first Wordstore blog post has sprouted.

As a copywriting agency with clients all over the world we create blogs every day of the week, so writing one for ourselves should have been a breeze.

Instead it became a case of ‘cobbler’s children’ as my old granny would have said – not doing for yourself what you do for others.

Hopefully, now that we’ve broken our duck – sorry duck – new posts will pour out thick and fast, and they’ll be about one thing – the writing of copy and content for business.

Unsurprisingly, we’ll be also be using our blog as a test bed for ideas and source of analytics to see how quickly we can grow a list of readers and subscribers.

Having extolled the value of blogs for so long to so many clients in establishing online presence and building lists (a future blog topic), we’ll be keen to see how ours fare.

So that’s it. First one done.

Any feedback, thoughts and ideas for future post topics all gratefully received.

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