The client, a provider of wealth management training, wanted a book to promote their services and most particularly a series of seminars, they approached me to research and ghostwrite it for them. This 20,000-word book was based on a series of interviews with the client conducted remotely using Skype.

Your Millionaire Mentor

It is obvious that millionaires are different from the rest of us. Yet what really sets them apart is not the amount of money in their bank accounts but the way in which have they gone about getting it there. The truth is that at a fundamental level, millionaires have done something differently that has enabled them to attract wealth in a way that is seemingly not open to the rest of us. Consequently, while we remain financially insecure, they set themselves up for life.

But is their success down to luck? The result of something gifted to a chosen few? Or something that we all can learn, if only we knew where to start?

Can anyone be a millionaire?

The honest answer must be … No, not everyone, but many more of us could if we quite literally applied our mind to it.

So, Millionaire Mentor isn’t written as a blueprint that will guarantee to make you a millionaire, but it is designed to start you thinking like one. And starting to think like a millionaire is essential to becoming one because all of our actions, habits and behaviours are formed by what we think in any situation.

And that means that each one of us does have the potential, if we are in reasonable health and have a modicum of luck, to do what other millionaires have done. So, the reason we don’t is that we don’t know what to do and don’t believe that we can do it.

The Necessity for Change

But, if you are interested in becoming a millionaire, one of the first things that you must understand is that you will have to change. No ‘ifs or buts’.

And you will have to change because the person who has got you to where you are today, that’s YOU, will not get you to where you want to be tomorrow, otherwise, you would be there already, or nearly so.

You will never progress if your today was just like your yesterday and if your tomorrow will be just like today,

What’s more, it is only you who can decide that you are going to change. So, while others – wives, husbands, sons and lovers – may say they want you to change, you are the only one who can do so.

And, if you are to change, you will need to do things differently.

And, if you are to do things differently, you will have to act and behave in a different way so that you acquire resources, skills, attitudes and behaviours that you didn’t have before.

And, to do this you will have to change the way you are as a person, at least to some extent. You may or may not be comfortable in doing this – and only you will know how far you are prepared to go. But if you aren’t willing to pay this price then you won’t be able to adopt the thinking patterns that lead towards becoming a millionaire.

On hearing this, some people may get scared, and be concerned that the only way in which to become a millionaire is to be ruthless and trample upon the rest.

No. There will always be abrasive, aggressive domineering entrepreneurs who have an uncalled for ruthless streak, but you don’t have to be one of them.

But if you are to do all of this, you will have to be a different person. You may have to give up certain things that bring a short-term benefit and take a longer-term perspective. You may have to do things that you don’t like doing from time to time. You may have to alter your day-to-day pattern of life so you start doing certain things and stop doing others.

To think that it is possible to walk the millionaire’s path without making real effort, doing things that you don’t always like doing, or thinking that things are yours by right, is wrong. That isn’t millionaire’s thinking, but that of a talentless reality show contestant who believes they will be discovered overnight.

If making the necessary changes to become a millionaire is starting to sound a little bit difficult, it may be that you aren’t cut out to become one. Or, you can start thinking like a millionaire and see any difficulty in making these changes as just a temporary obstacle that you will soon overcome.

Learning from Others

You can also take heart from the thousands and thousands of people around the globe – women, men, young and old – who have transformed their lives and turned themselves into millionaires by taking action.

Often, these people are looked at enviously and are even derided for being just lucky, or behaving disreputably to gain their wealth. Good fortune seems to follow them, they seem to naturally have what it takes to make money, as everything they touch, literally seems to turn to gold.

But dig a little deeper and you often find that these ‘fortunate’ individuals are far from lucky, indeed they have overcome issues and adversities that make what they have achieved even more remarkable.

So, while some have had their lives shaped by parents who have helped them to succeed from an early age, others have to learn their ‘millionaire thinking’ the hard way:

  • Some, maybe through the early death of a parent, have been forced to learn how to organise and get things done from childhood;
  • Others have been driven forward by their desperate desire to escape poverty, an abusive partner or the disadvantageous place where they were brought up;
  • Yet more have been spurred on by the low expectations that others have for them; that they will ‘never amount to anything’ and in consequence have developed an ‘I’m going to bloody well show you’ mentality’ that has led them to achievement;
  • And stories abound of refugees who have fled trouble in their own countries and risked their lives to find sanctuary half way around the world, before going on to succeed in their adopted land.

All had a millionaire’s way of thinking, and consciously or not, used their difficult personal circumstances to acquire beneficial ways and patterns of thinking that have later proved invaluable.

Yet, many of these situations could have sent them in another direction: turned them into gang members, made them alcoholics or just led them to give up altogether. And yet, they did not.

Instead, each one of them would have decided to make a positive choice and took action that moved them from where they were to where they wanted and needed to be.

They used adversity to advantage making it the catalyst for their futures, not a destroyer of it.

Because they had to, they acquired new skills, adopted important habits and modified their behaviours so that it became possible for them to make money.

So, where does that leave you – someone who isn’t starting from ‘below zero?’

Well, if you haven’t done anything to radically change your life, then you are probably suffering the disadvantage of comfort.

After all, you probably have a bit of money in the bank and a caring family on hand who can support you or lend a helping hand when necessary. You also probably have access to the funding, technology and the educational resources that could enable you to develop your skills. All these advantages should put you in an even better position to do something with your life.

But here’s the twist, your relatively comfortable lifestyle is keeping you from achieving because it isn’t forcing you to take action, unlike those who come from difficult backgrounds.

Comfort kills ambition.

We sit back, we don’t move forward and inertia sets.

So, here is the first lesson from Your Millionaire Mentor,


Nothing will happen unless YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN. That means if you don’t take action to change your life, your life will not change. What you have now is what you will keep.

And since our actions, behaviours and habits are all controlled by what we think, the only way we will change anything about ourselves is to alter our thinking patterns.

In reality, if we had undertaken the action and made the decisions of a self-made millionaire, likely as not, we too would be enjoying their enviable lifestyle.

Is this something you can do? Of course, it is, and Your Millionaire Mentor will help you change

About Your Millionaire Mentor

Because this book is about helping you acquire the thinking of a millionaire it’s focused on areas of particular significance for anyone who wants create self-made wealth through business.

So, it looks at how you can acquire and apply millionaire thinking to such areas as: how to spot money making opportunities; using money; dealing with people; managing your time; and overcoming the obstacles and adversities that would otherwise stop you from attracting wealth.

None of this thinking will make you a millionaire overnight – how long it will take you to achieve financial independence will be dependent on your own skills and efforts, your chosen field, and some luck. Some may take a lifetime to achieve millionaire status, or the fortunate may get there in a year or two.

With that said, now has never been a better time to acquire millionaire’s thinking, because never have there been so many opportunities to become a millionaire as right now.

The rise of the Internet as a marketing and communications tool over the last decade has meant that many, many more people can set up their own business cheaply and professionally and immediately begin selling, quite literally, to the world.

But if you are to join them, you must do one thing and that is to take action. And the more action you take the sooner you will be on the path to achieving financial independence for you and your family.

And so, since reading about something is never enough in itself, there are exercises that you can do to help you better understand the different techniques, as well as real-life examples of millionaire thinking in action to help and inspire you.

So, to your first exercise which is all about seeing into the future.

ACTION – Your Future Awaits

From time to time, you’ve probably used the expression in response to someone telling you something, ‘Yes I can see that,’ or ‘No, I can’t see that happening.’

Well, that’s more than just an expression, it’s also a manifestation of our belief in that something could or will happen. In other words, in our subconscious minds we’ve seen the future and accepted what we’ve seen as a possibility. If we can’t see it happening, then the reverse is true.

Now, here’s the vital thing. If you can’t see yourself becoming a millionaire then you will seriously diminish your chances of doing so because you just won’t have the right attitude and what the Millionaire Mentor is about is teaching you the right attitude.

So, the first thing we must do is actually think of yourself as a millionaire, living a millionaire’s lifestyle. You must see yourself living in a lovely house, driving a lovely car, and doing whatever you think you would do as a millionaire. When you see others living that lifestyle, whether on television or in reality, don’t envy think, but mentally put yourself in their shoes. Draw on their success, make it yours and be inspired.

At this stage, don’t worry about how you are going to get there or when. That doesn’t matter, that is for when you are planning your business in detail. For now, just see yourself as a millionaire and you’ll have made a step forward.

Is that too big a leap of faith for you right now?

If it is, then rather than thinking of a millionaire’s lifestyle think of a lifestyle that is just ten, twenty or thirty per cent better than yours right now See yourself having paid off your credit card bill, helping your children go through college, or taking a lovely family holiday with them. Then when you are comfortable with this, raise that to fifty or sixty per cent improvement on your current circumstances. Perhaps now you’ll be driving a lovely sports car, wearing a top of the range suit or travelling First Class by plane. Do this regularly before you know it you will be able to see yourself ‘living the dream’.

This will mean that you have started the essential process of millionaire thinking – believing in you – which just happens to be the subject of our next chapter.