A powerful conversion tool.

Landing pages are written and designed to convert visitors and capture email addresses. That makes them an important business-building tool, the first link in the process of turning visitors into customers.

An effective landing page is a powerful conversion tool. It can actually mean the difference between business success and failure, which is why we write landing pages that:

  • Communicate with instant clarity, so visitors know what they need to do the moment they hit your page. That means your landing page must force them to focus on just one thing
  • Present a great offer which details the strong benefits of doing business with you right now
  • Build trust and reassurance in visitors to your site by quickly overcoming objections they might have. This will give them the confidence to buy from you early 
  • Encourage visitors to take action right now, and of course most importantly …
  • Capture their email addresses with minimum resistance, so you have the opportunity to keep selling to them once they have left your website.

Are your landing pages like this?

This is what, Lorree Bishchoff, the head of an American personal training company said after we had worked on her landing pages:

“I was very happy to find professionals to create compelling content that made good and accurate use of the important keywords and phrases I supplied. I was also thrilled that they had a good understanding of my industry and the copy from a marketing standpoint was so much superior to what was there before. Great job and done quickly!”

Landing pages will build your email list

If you are not capturing the names and email addresses you need, talk to us, and not just about landing pages but also lead magnets and email campaigns. Call us on +44 (0) 1432 761480, or email.