Lead magnets are a way to capture the email addresses of visitors to your site, enabling you to maintain a connection that over time will lead to more sales.

Turn visitors into customers

Downloading a lead magnet – which could be a White Paper, survey, report, tip sheet, resource guide, infographic or checklist – is very often someone’s first transaction with you. It shows their interest in what you have to offer and starts a conversation that you can continue through follow-up emails, all part of a sales funnel along which you can move prospects ever closer to becoming customers.

Generate new leads

As well as generating leads, thoughtfully-conceived, well-written lead magnets also position you as an expert. This builds your credibility and creates trust in you and what you have to say. For your lead magnet we will:

  • Help you to identify your ideal lead magnet topic – this doesn’t have to be mind blowing to be effective, but it does have to be relevant, so that it resonates with your reader
  • Determine the format and length of your lead magnet, so that it’s appropriate and easy to consume
  • Research and create the quality content that’s needed for it to be of value to your potential customers
  • ‘Sell’ it on your site so that it captures the attention of visitors – having created a great lead magnet, it shouldn’t be a shrinking violet

“This is brilliant, thank you! Again, you have done an excellent job weaving a nice story together with detailed results. Excellent.” John Warrillow, Sellability Score

You need a lead magnet

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