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Deliver customized consumer products safely, quickly and cost-effectively in the new age of contract packaging

A New Era for Co-Pack

Faced with increasingly fast-paced market demands, more and more consumer packaged goods companies are putting co-creation and mass customization of products at the top of their supply chain demands.

This changes the landscape for you as a contract packager. Your customers are now looking for you to deliver high quality and low cost production with quick turnaround times, and also provide expertise to innovate and find new market opportunities.

Are you ready to deliver?

You Strive for Contract Packaging Excellence

Co-Pack Excellence = Low Cost x High Quality x Speed-to-Market

Contract packaging suppliers of choice think strategically about delivering more for customers.

Reducing Costs in Their Supply Chain

Through better labor management, improved line efficiency, and tighter control of overheads

Improving Quality in Their Supply Chain

Through complete compliance with industry regulations so outcomes are guaranteed and customer safety assured

Increasing Speed of Delivery

Through making the collection and analysis of real-time data a collaborative process that enables the frictionless flow of information between all parties

Technology that Enables You

You can only achieve these objectives by using technology that lets you better plan, execute and improve your performance, so you gain competitive advantage by becoming an indispensable component of your customers’ supply chain.

That’s what our cutting-edge software and innovative cloud technology allow you to do.


As the only software purpose-built to handle the complexities of your industry, PackManager will take your contract packaging and manufacturing operations to another level, which is why its many users around the world agree they would never again run without it. Learn more about the power of PackManager >>


By unlocking data from the prison of paper-based systems, QCloud’s powerful real-time management and audit-ready reporting means you can modernize your quality practices overnight by making information much easier and cheaper to share and collect. Discover how QCloud will improve your quality processes >>

The People and Expertise You Need

Our Professional Services Team …

Gets you started by ensuring your site is up and running quickly, without disrupting your scheduled production, ensuring that it matches your business workflows.

Our Integrations Services Team …

Helps you extend your reach by allowing you to integrate your systems with those of your customers and partners.

Our Customer Success Team …

Is committed to your continued success and always available to help you improve your performance.

Our Educational Services Team …

Puts in your hands the on-demand web-based training programs and one-on-one support you need to continuously develop your industry skills and understanding of our tools.

Our Global Support Team …

Is always on hand when you have technical issues that require a little more expertise, or additional resource is needed.

Learn more about how we are enabling contract packagers with the technology and expertise to perform better and deliver low cost, high quality, and faster speed-to-market services for their customers.