White Papers are articles on steroids. They examine in detail a situation or issue of particular interest to your clients or customers. They may explain a complicated process, suggest a new approach, provide troubleshooting advice, or solve a problem.

The power of White Papers

These special reports aren’t sales pieces that push a particular product or service. Instead they build credibility, authority and reputation by demonstrating expertise in your field. Offered as a lead magnet through your website, blog, guest post, email marketing and Adword campaigns, they can be a crucial component of a sales funnel that captures email addresses, to create a relationship that will one day turn into sales.

Despite their obvious value, creating well-researched and written, properly conceived White Papers takes time and effort. Could you spare either right now? And while you may know your subject best, you may not be best at writing about it.

Here’s what we do

When we write your White Papers, not only do you free up your internal resources for other things, but you get the benefit of our hard-earned insights into how they work best.

Here’s how Ross Howard, Global Account Manager at Inbox Insight – specialists in sales lead generation –  described our work.

“Excellent. I’m very impressed with how the White Paper reads and how you’ve taken the client’s feedback and made the changes. Top work.”

Ross Howard, Inbox Insight 

This is what we can do:

  • Work with you and your subject experts to identify strategically suitable White Paper topics
  • Carry out additional background research to ensure information-rich content
  • Create a detailed structure and plan to ensure each White Paper is as powerful as it can be
  • Do the actual writing, incorporating your feedback into subsequent drafts

Make use of White Papers

To find out why Ross was so impressed with our White Paper, call Wordstore on +44 (0) 1432 761480, or email us. And why not talk to us about case histories at the same time?