High quality blog posts, regularly written, will keep your website fresh, drive traffic to it and help establish your reputation as an authority in your market or field. However, creating such content takes time, effort and commitment, which you and your team may not be able to spare. It’s the very reason many of our clients ask us to write blogs and articles for them.

What we do – effective blog writing

We can work with you to establish your blog’s personality and identify potential topics to suit your audience. We’ll then create an editorial calendar that sets out what will be published and when, taking into account topical events and activities to make sure that your blogs really resonate.

After any necessary research we’ll write an agreed number of blogs in one go. This means you’ll have a supply of blogs completed upfront, ready to publish at the appropriate time. Of course, you get to sign off each one, so you can be sure they say the things you want.

We can even do this in areas that are out of our comfort zone as we did for a US haircare company who were looking to gain extra visibility in their market. As the company’s owner Tyrika Williams, said:

Tyrika Williams mainelement love - right facing

“I gave you a subject that was out of your norm and you hit it with great accuracy. You wrote copy that is very effective and will bring the desired results. A pleasure to work with you.”

Guest blogging opportunities

We can also arrange guest blogging opportunities, so your words aren’t just seen by your regular audience, but also an ever-wider audience who can follow blog links back to your site. We can even manage your blog long-term by responding to comments and monitoring discussions.

See positive results from blogging

According to marketing software company, Hubspot, 82% of marketers who blog see positive ROI as a result. If you would like to join them, why not talk to us about how we can make sure that your blog isn’t full of blah! Call us on +00 (0) 1432 761480, or email.