Email marketing is supposed to be dead, killed off by social media. But it’s very much alive. In fact, according to the global management consultancy, McKinsey and Co, email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter put together in helping you acquire new customers. You should be using it as with each new email you send out, you have another chance to sell.

Email keeps on working

Remember, people only buy when they want, so the longer you can stay in touch with them, the more chance you have of being the one they buy from, rather than from a less communicative competitor.

Email gets delivered to and is seen by someone in their inbox 90% of the time. Facebook posts will reach just 2% of your fans.

And good email marketing isn’t spam, but a way to communicate professionally with your audience, and most people are happy to receive it — data from specialist research firm MarketingSherpa shows that over 90% of recipients said they were happy to get promotional emails from companies they did business with.

How we can help with your email marketing

We can plan and write a sequence of emails – your auto-responder series – that are automatically sent out at an appropriate time, each one building your message and deepening the connection. We can even help you set up an email marketing platform to do that, complete with professional-looking email designs.

Make email part of your sales funnel

Of course, for email marketing to work effectively, you need to capture names and email addresses first, which means of course that you may also want to talk to us about landing pages and lead magnets, all essential components in creating a sales funnel that will keep feeding you a continuous stream of new opportunities.

So why not email us about email, or call +44 (0) 1432 761480.