I’ve ghostwritten for many entrepreneurs, business owners and senior executives, both in the UK and around the world and across sectors. Some are in technology, software and finance, and others in security, education, personal development and the professions. 

Each has had their own reasons for writing a book. Some have wanted to raise their visibility, others to set out an original business idea or a new way of doing business, while others were looking to record their involvement in an industry.

Confidentiality clauses mean we’re unable to given a taste of our ghostwriting experience, but this should give you a good idea.

How London Won the Olympics

“From inside the boardroom I can hear cars and cabs rumbling through the mid-morning drizzle down Poland Street and towards the West End. Inside there’s just a faint hum from the fluorescent ceiling light above. I’m looking at the stack of A4 pages in front of me – 57 in all, if the numbering’s right, which, together, make up a brief with one simple, but massive aim … to make a film that will help London win the 2012 Olympic Games. Read more …


 It started with a phone call.

“Every good saga should begin with an event, a moment that sparks off the drama and excitement to follow.This one begins with an unexpected phone call. There are three of us in the room and it interrupts our discussion. “Is Orhan with you?” I hand the phone to Orhan Sadik-Khan. Outside the traffic on Wall Street is flowing as well as it ever does. Inside, the dull hum of fluorescent light fills the moments of silence. Orhan listens intently. He asks a question or two. The call is short. He hands the receiver back to me. “Parliament’s just approved our application,” he says matter-of-factly, before his face cracks into an irrepressible smile. “They’ve awarded us the license.” Read more ...


We are where we are

“They say it’s hard to see history when it’s happening around you. And so it was at the end of 2010, with Sydney’s New Year fireworks, followed by those in Berlin, London, New York and LA, providing a welcome distraction from the deepest financial crisis for three-quarters of a century. The start of it had been marked, nearly 29 months before, by the retreat of financial services firm, BNP Paribas, from three US mortgage debt specialist hedge funds. This had exposed a previously unimagined black hole of ‘dodgy derivatives’, the consequences of which, as we all now know, would ripple out for years to come. Read more


First Clicks: the birth of online success

Unless you are a film star, a sporting sensation or a fortunate heir, the surest means to build wealth is through the establishment and growth of your own business. Until recently, a traditional, real world ‘bricks and mortar’ venture with its money-draining need for premises, stock and staff, was the first choice (read only), way to do this .While many entrepreneurs still take this route to financial freedom, others have turned to the world’s greatest mechanism for commerce and communication – the Internet. This book is about twenty of those people who have moved their lives upwards, sometimes stratospherically, by building a successful business online. Read more ...



The Mind Trainer 

If you are an ambitious individual, you will not be content just to sit back and let life pass you by. Instead, you will want to make your mark in the world, to carve out your niche and justify your reason for being. You will also want to experience the personal satisfaction of reaching your full potential, of being as good as you possibly can in your chosen field. For some, that will mean achieving excellence in a solitary pursuit such as writing, the arts, academia, sport or acting. For others, the path will lead them to more collaborative and collective ventures, working with and for others in business, politics, or through charitable or religious organisations. Read more …


Your Millionaire Mentor

It is obvious that millionaires are different from the rest of us. Yet what really sets them apart is not the amount of money in their bank accounts but the way in which have they gone about getting it there. The truth is that at a fundamental level, millionaires have done something differently that has enabled them to attract wealth in a way that is seemingly not open to the rest of us. Consequently, while we remain financially insecure, they set themselves up for life. But is their success down to luck? The result of something gifted to a chosen few? Or something that we all can learn, if only we knew where to start? Can anyone be a millionaire? Read more